Since When Did The World Care About the Church

Carl Trueman just posted an interesting set of thoughts over at Reformation21. The post made me think of an even more interesting thing that is occuring in the instance of Anglican church deciding not to ordain women – Why does the world even care what the church is doing?

Certainly there are instances where the world might care because we have ended sources of economy (Acts 19:23-41) or stopped paying homage to the Emperor. But in instances that have little to no bearing on public life, like a Church deciding to ordain only men, why should the world care?

It would be strange for the media to denounce Christians because they oppress people by baptizing them. I would think that would be more oppressive than not ordaining women. Another strange thing is that the world thinks the church is oppressing women in this instance. Why not look at it positively (as we are so often instructed to do)? Why not think that we are sparing women the burden of caring for hundreds, if not thousands of miscreant souls who often don’t listen, who gripe and complain, and who are demanding and needy?

I doubt you will find one pastor on the planet who says his job is easy. I think the British Media should in fact be thanking the Anglican church for preventing women from spending time investing in the silly endeavor of “churchly” things (which, as all media knows, is a trifle) and can instead spend their efforts in social areas.


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