Gospel Myopia

The current infatuation with Gospel-centeredness could be diagnosed as a case of myopia. It’s the same with all the other infatuations that infect the church – “Christ-centered”, “Bible-centered”, “Church-centered”, “Community-centered”.  I wonder how many centers there really are?

The problem with Gospel centeredness is that it’s truth is so obvious that to it’s proponents, to posit overattention to it is to question the foundation of faith. I can imagine one responding, “There is no such thing as being too Gospel focused! If you get the Gospel right, you’ll get everything else right!”

The problem is that the Gospel isn’t everything. It certainly is the foundationbut it is not everything. It is of First Importance, but it is not of only importance.

Yes, we must get the Gospel right, but it’s not the only thing we must get right. The problem is that when everything gets put through a single-centered view, other aspects get collapsed improperly in a way that does an injustice to it’s intricacies. It’s the same with the eye, when you are only able to focus upon one, near object, “you have trouble seeing things that are far away“.

Paul didn’t say he simply declared the gospel, but the whole counsel of God.


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