Humbling Righteousness

If the poor cannot attain knowledge and so are foolish, while the rich can buy knowledge and so are wise, then how poor is the state of the poor.

But Christ humbles them both by offering his righteousness to both. For the poor man by no means can buy it, yet he is enriched with the fullness of Christ’s righteousness, and the rich man is humbled because the very thing he needs his money cannot buy. If the poor receive in the same measure as the rich, the fool in the same measure as the wise, then none may boast. For the poor and foolish acquired what they could not obtain otherwise. And rich and the wise were supplied with what their money could not buy.

Before the Lord we are humbled, for he rescues both the poor and the rich. If wisdom and riches could deliver us, then man should have been able to save themselves long ago.

What am I to boast of if even a poor man receives what I receive?


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