Lost?: Apple’s Next iPhone – iPhone 4

This Is Apple’s Next iPhone – Iphone 4 – Gizmodo.

Yeah, right, like some Apple employee happened to “lose” the single most anticipated piece of technology on the planet…

I can just hear the story now,

“Uh, hey Mr. Steve Jobs… Umm, I was, well, sitting inside of a bar grabbing drinks with the bros, and uh, well, umm, I kinda lost the iPhone 4. I guess getting drunk at 2 in the afternoon while on the clock was a bad idea. But don’t worry though, I don’t think anything will come of it…”


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Seriously, just think about how ridiculously smart Apple’s advertising is. They didn’t pay a dime for this. Most companies, like Google with the Droid, will pay 100’s of millions of dollars in advertisements leading up to the release of their product. The guys at Apple? “Oops, we happened to misplace the new iPhone at a bar today. I wonder if people will find out…”

You can’t pay for this kind of publicity.

Hats off to Apple for once again for singlehandedly being the most intelligent marketers on the planet.


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