Answer of Grace

My child, my son, my beloved one
Fear not the things that may come
The world you have made is not great
For what comes to you I have made

Look to your legs and look to your knees
Stand tall and endure; I’m with you, you see
You came in the righteousness of my Beloved Son
This gift I have given you, cannot be undone

What darkness and trouble you’ve made for yourself
Is mere ashes and dust when held up to my breath
But If I should choose to send all these on your way
I’ll uphold you and grasp you that you may not fail

O’ trust in me child, that I know what’s best
For whatever is lost in the end must be left
What I take from you now is to help you to see
That I Am, alone, all that you need

So look with your eyes back to my Son
And there see love poured out, I gave the Only One
I’ve brought you thus far, though struggling you’ve come
Trust in my steadfast hand, I’m bringing you home


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