Mason Jennings: The Man Who Changed My Music

I’ve moved 12 times in 6 years. I can fit everything I own in my car, except my bed and my desk. That’s all the furniture I have. In fact, every time I move, I find myself getting rid of more things I own. It’s not so much that I am tired of moving those items, but I am forced to look at them every time I move and see that I actually haven’t touched them in 4 years. It’s amazing how much junk we can accumulate, even without a lot of money.

During my latest move I came across one of my old CD cases. In it was a CD I burned a while back from a bunch of bootleg and live music by Mason Jennings. If you don’t know Mason Jennings, don’t worry, lot’s of people don’t.

I threw that CD in my car stereo on my way to work and it gave me a huge smile. As I listened, I realized that Mason’s style really affected how I approach writing music. There is a simplicity to his music that is enviable, not unlike Bob Dylan (though it may be an embarrassment to put him in the same category).

Not that I’m some great writer of music, but Mason could capture distinct feelings with simplicity of words and music. That’s something I’ve striven for in writing music. I think more than any other artist, Mason has affected the way I approach the Piano and writing songs.

So, if you wanna get insight into what’s influenced my music, then listen to Mason Jennings for a while. Sadly, I’m not much of a fan of his newer stuff, but if you can find old live recordings (circa 2001-2005 or so) of his music, you will be richly rewarded.

Here’s a song that I listened to and I immediately thought, “He totally gets it.” He does swear at the beginning so if you’re not a fan of swearing, then, well, yeah.

Little Details (Right click, and select “Save as” to download)


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