Food For Thought: A Prayer for Meditation

Richard Rogers, speaking about our hindrances to Meditation on God and Self, offers a prayer to direct and encourage us:

I have received a mind to please God, to be teachable and ready to any duty. I have opposed myself against mine own will, and the devil’s secret and malicious counsel, though sweet to the flesh. I am not a debtor unto it; how can I then yield to this untowardness of my heart, and so sin against my God? Where are the manifold and comfortable privileges, which he has given me, that I might be faithful to him? Am I weary of my peace, and do I haste after my own sorrow? Lord therefore bring back the ranging heart of mine from the deceitful dreams or fears, or doubts that it has been snared in: and restore it to the liberty which it was accustomed to enjoy, that is, to solace itself in thy favor, and communion with thee, and to count it my greatest happiness to commune with thee, when I may. And this gift being decayed, through my own fault, and Satan’s cruelty and subtlety, restore again unto me, and forgive my cold and weak love of thee, who have provoked thy Majesty (if thou wouldest be provoked) to frown, and look amiable on me no more. Thou Lord chargest me, thus to seek thy face, even thy sweet presence, which I have gone from, and for a time been blinded, as having no ability to muse of any good thing, and have not seen that I was seduced, till I perceived that I had lost this sweet liberty: now therefore (O Lord) show thy loving kindness in my distress and weakness, and restore to me this liberty of my heart, which many of thy children do find, and enjoy

– Richard Rogers: Seven Treatises – Meditation; 258


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