How to Discover Your Calling by Michael Horton

Side note: Yes, Justin, I’m gonna blog about the stuff I read :)

Here’s an article I read tonight that I found quite helpful.

How To Discover Your Calling

Michael Horton (Westminster Seminary California) breaks down vocation, argues that natural (non-ministry) vocation is not “Kingdom Work” in our modern conception (though in another sense it is), that we need to be liberated from being “topsy-turvy” on career choices, that we need to discern what is meant in the bible by “God’s Will”, and then finally, the meat, the “Guidelines for Discerning Your Calling”

Godly wisdom from Scripture and from other believers who are guided by Scripture is indispensable for making decisions about vocation, whether the calling at issue happens to be education, work, or marriage.

But the Scriptures are not a handbook for decision making and it may well be that after saturating oneself with biblical wisdom there will still be many questions left before a wise decision can be made. Here is where nature comes into the picture. First, what are your gifts and skills? What do you enjoy doing?…

…The questions, What are your skills?, What do you really enjoy?, What would get you up on Monday morning?, are in the realm of nature. Super-spirituality may look down on such mundane questions and try to steal into God’s secret chamber, but biblical piety is content to leaf through the book of nature. God has created us a certain way, given us certain habits, skills, longings, and drives. In no single calling would we be able to employ all of our interests, skills, and drives.

Hope this helps


2 thoughts on “How to Discover Your Calling by Michael Horton

  1. My calling is to be a psychologist or counselor because I myself have always had to deal with certain pains. Learning from those pains and darkness in an endless tunnel, I’ve discovered the calling. Well, if possible I want to take a master degree in psychology or counseling. Anyway, I don’t know whether I can do it if I get married (a housewife is always busy) but even taking an online counseling course will excite me if I am certified to help people.

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