Following Rabbit Trails on the Web

One thing that I have found about blogs and readers is that they may not always have the most important info every time, but they will often link to other important resources.

When someone quotes something that you find profound/interesting, don’t just read the quote, go to the website where the information is originally from. If someone speaks about something that interests you, don’t just take their opinion, find out how they built their opinion.

What makes this so useful is that you begin to find excellent sources of information – not merely 2nd or 3rd hand, but straight from the horses mouth.

I have found a bounty of great resources by not only visiting original websites, but browsing around on those websites. This especially is noted in productivity-related websites.

Justin Taylor’s blog is an excellent example. His blog is good, but it’s good because of the resources he gets. If all you read is Taylor’s blog, then you will find good resources.

But you must become a “Justin Taylor” yourself. If you let Justin do all the work, then you will only get what he finds. But there are loads of good information on the web. Read articles – the whole thing; add blogs in your feed/blog reader; save websites – bookmark them (use websites like


One thought on “Following Rabbit Trails on the Web

  1. Amen. You’re a big part of this too, sir. I click on countless links you have provided. And NOW, here are a couple for you!

    An awesome conference that you would take much interest in on the west coast:

    A great blog that portrays the truth and boldness that the gospel is meant to espouse:

    Love ya man.

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