Should California Legalize Marijuana? Part 1 of 4

On Tuesday, the California State Assembly’s Public Safety Committee voted 4-3 in favor of legalizing marijuana in California (see here and read the bill here). The bill had to make it to the State Health Committee this week in order to continue but missed the deadline and so died for this year. For those wondering if you’ll be able to buy a joint while picking up your favorite frappuccino, you’re just gonna have to wait another year.

Nonetheless, the move by the California Assembly is a progressive (regressive?) maneuver to put the currently illegal drug on the market for mass consumption. The reason? California is broke, and the purported number on how much money the state would make on taxes generated from the sale of marijuana is in excess of $1 billion (yes, billion).

Now sitting at your local pub, you are bound to get in this conversation. If you are like me and find the whole proposition to be ludicrous, you are probably going to get rather annoyed by the responses, “well, everyone does it anyway and they don’t enforce it, so what’s the big deal? Nothing would really change anyway…” or “Look how much money California can make off of the taxes!” Certainly there are more reasons, but these are probably the most common responses. What are appropriate ways to answer these kinds of questions?

The following posts are my attempt to show why the issue of legalizing marijuana is foolish at best and outright jeopardizes public safety and well-being of individuals and society at worst. Most people think all smoking marijuana has to do with is getting high and feeling good and we shouldn’t prevent people from doing so. Unfortunately, in this line of reasoning, legalizing marijuana is trivialized, marginalized and made to be a one-dimensional issue and centered upon an individual’s experience and use. These posts will show that thinking this way is insipid, and, in fact, quite consistent with the ignorance, stupidity, foolishness and inability to reason commonly associated with the cannabis community.

Here’s the 3 points I will discuss

1) Getting High: Is using marijuana like drinking beer?

Many people think that there isn’t much difference between drinking booze and smoking weed. Is this a safe assumption and argument?

2) Weed and Society: Is legalizing marijuana safe for society?

Other countries have legalized marijuana, the U.S. is already lenient on policing marijuana use and it doesn’t seem to be affecting anyone too much… or is it?

3) Your Money, Taxes, and Cannabis: Where does the good(s) go? (In the words of Tegan and Sara)

Does generating over $1 billion in taxes from a drug mean it’s a good idea? And what’s the logic anyway? Do we really need to legalize marijuana to make money?

So, come back over the next few days and read why I believe legalizing marijuana is probably one of the dumbest moves California could make.


One thought on “Should California Legalize Marijuana? Part 1 of 4

  1. I would say that the end does not justify the means. In other words, just because we could possibly (but not guaranteed) to get our state out of debt does not mean legalizing marijuana is the best idea.

    I am starting to wonder if California has been taken over by aliens. Same-sex marriage? Legalizing drug use? Shoo, while we are at it…we might as well legalize prostitution and throw a tax on that and give people their “rights” .

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