Where In The World Are You?

Since I left facebook 3 months ago, a lot of things have changed in my life. Maybe you’re wondering, “What ever happened to Nate? Where are his bombastic status updates?”

Well, currently I am living in Talent, Oregon, which is five minutes outside of the city Medford, where I work. Medford is about 30 minutes north of the California/Oregon border on I-5.

I am working for my uncle framing custom homes.

Looking down 20 feet

Here’s a little look at the house we’re currently working on. Everything you see, we did. It’s pretty sweet actually. Building homes is like a painful joy. You work really hard (most of the time) but you see a lot accomplished each day. And I work with some fun guys too. I can’t complain. Actually, I look forward to work!

Speaking of painful joy, I am learning a little bit about cold weather as well. The Rogue Valley (where Medford is located) is notorious for its fog in winter. When it’s clear and sunny on the West Coast, we are socked in with fog, usually for the better part of the day. But it’s not like the fog of Southern California – not as warm or dense (though it can be dense) but it’s literally freezing cold. It will be 27 (like this morning) and foggy. It’s really cool because the fog freezes to everything and it looks like Christmas photos, but then its miserable when you have to pick up 2×4’s and they are frozen solid, weighing three times their normal weight because they are full of water now become ice. I do enjoy sliding in my boots on the frozen plywood though – the little things you have to find enjoying – or scraping ice and frost off of planks of wood and dropping it on my cousin, which I know he loves.

In a month of working, I’ve managed to shoot my self in the thumb with a nail-gun as well as staple my pointer-finger on the same hand. Rookie mistakes, but all is well, although my thumb is still a little swollen 2 weeks later.

Aside from building homes, there’s not a whole lot else going on in my life. I come home and usually do some homework or I’ll read. Not the most spectacular life but its good.

I’m planning on heading up to my family’s cabin tomorrow for the day and will try not to get stuck in snow or freeze to death (both of which are possible) to enjoy the woods and nature for a day. Hopefully I can get some decent photos up – the iPhone camera is not good and that’s all I’ve got right now, so we’ll see.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at and what I’m doing. We’ll see what happens in the next month – things could change – only God knows.


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