I peered off in the universe
Deep in the dark beyond
And sought a place where light was drowned
Just black before my eyes

The vast escape before me lay
That empty soundless void
No foundations there to rest upon
But hang in weightless space

There it was I rested long
Engrossed with numbing silence
When a distant speck above
Descended ever slow

A curious thing that formed beyond
And slowly dropped in place
Came to rest before my eyes
And beckoned for my gaze

I set my eyes to understand
This tiny speck that stayed
Not more than a grain of sand
Somehow reflecting rays

It glistened low and flickered light
Turning round and round
I wondered in my repeating thoughts
How such a thing could be

Out I reached my hand to find
What kept this speck in place
Only to learn it was held fast
And refused to let me move

So there it lay and there I sat
As time continued on
Till again I reached my hand
And ran my fingers round

This insignificant speck of dust
Was never smooth nor nice
But filled with rough and tumbled sides
That revealed a wrestling past

I thought, “Poor grain the times you’ve seen
That gave you your rough shape
How unfortunate here you remain
In the darkest spot of space”

A ragged shining grain of sand
Lost in the universe
Whose seeming insignificance
Brought a unknown though to birth

As if this rock so small
Was now given voice
Brought words I’ll never forget
And changed my thought of space

Beyond I looked and saw the black
That stretched eternally
This tiny speck compared to this
Is a lost forgotten place


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