Never Apologize for Biblical Truth

No biblical writer ever apologizes for informing his readers about God’s wrath, the hideousness of sin and their need to repent of it, nor the dread of impending judgment. Instead, all biblical writers have sought the employment of such knowledge as an occasion to declare the riches of God’s mercy and grace.

It is too common to hear preachers and others who exhort other believers say, “I am sorry too say this too you, but… ” or “I know this is a really difficult thing to hear…” as if to attempt an apology for the true state of things. Christ never apologized when he condmened the Pharisees for their impetuosity, but instead laid bare the state of their souls, God’s judgment of them, and the necessity of repentance. Christ was not sorry to inform all his disciples that they live in an age where evil men may go as far as to slaughter them for following him (cf. Matt 7:11; 10:16-25) and must forsake all things, even their own families, to follow him.

What is there to be ashamed of in the truth of scripture? God has declared it to be so, and should we cower from declaring? Certainly this is no easy task, since even Paul himself frequently asks the churches to pray that he might speak the word with all boldness. There is no safer route than to show a man the deadly peril with which he is faced, but to make an apology is to say that God’s word is insufficient and unwise.

Only a fool would apologize for God’s words. It assumes that he has thought of a better course of action that a person might be delivered by than what God has planned and declared. Would you voice such an apology in the presence of almighty God? – “Lord, this is a sorry course of action you have taken and I believe that there is a less intrusive manner of informing this person, but if you say it must be so then I will do what you say, though with the reservation that this is a sorry course.” What a mockery such a line of reasoning would he to God’s eyes.

That God’s wrath is fierce and his judgment all-searching should be things we ought to delight in and declare with confidence and boldness. If we loathe that God is wrathful towards sin, then we do not rightly understand him. It should delight us to know that God exercises his wrath against sin and wrongdoing for it shows that he is faithful and just. If God were to not act in such a way, we should have no confidence that any sin, wrongdoing or injustice would ever be righted. God would at that moment be unfaithful and untrustworthy in regards to wrongdoing. How could one then apologize for God’s wrath – “I am sorry Lord that you are just, righteous and faithful…”?

Christians are those who rejoice in all of God’s truth, whether it be difficult or not. God has not asked us to pass judgment on his judgments, but simply declare them for what they are. We should see the declaration of these truths as an opportunity to then declare God’s mercy and grace towards us sinners who are in such a perilous state.


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