Finding A Job

Finding a job is like catching fish: the more bait you throw out, the more opportunity you have to catch a fish. But the funny thing is, you could be the guy with a hundred lines out the water and catch nothing, while the whole time you are fishing, a kid, using the exact same bait, casts his line out one time and reels in a massive fish after. You sit there wondering what you’re doing wrong and what the kid is doing right. The reality might be that you aren’t doing anything wrong and this kid has no idea what he’s doing. You have to learn to depend on God to provide, even when you’re doing everything right, because even when you’re doing everything right, you still might not catch fish!

But getting a job is also like fishing in that you can’t wait for the fish to swim up onto shore and say, “Hey stupid, come grab me, i taste really good and i won’t swim away”. The temptation is to sit and do nothing and hope that someone randomly calls and says they want to hire you for the dream job. I don’t know of this has ever happened – if you do, let me know so I can call that person.

Then again, maybe I’m fishing in the wrong pond for the wrong fish with the wrong bait. Either way, it’s God who provides.


2 thoughts on “Finding A Job

  1. Thank you Nate!!! That is the best advice ive been given about finding a job!!!! I just need to catch their attention and “reel” them in!!!!

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