The Ancient Foe’s Defeat

Satan is a defenseless foe

before the Son of God;

but sovereignly he is disposed

to serve the Savior’s ends.

Though great in power, dread, and might

and filled with dark deceit;

his schemes cannot prevail

Christ sealed his defeat.

The serpent Roars! He Thrusts his fangs!

Devouring those falling down;

but my Lord’s right arm reaches out

and snatches me from his jaws

Though oft’ be hidden from my eyes,

My Lord’s vict’ry over him;

and overcome with fear and doubt,

my soul sinks within.

My God, he comes with glorious light,

dispelling his darkened schemes.

The Word is preached! Truth flying down!

my soul begins to rise.

The ancient foe who works his woe

to blind this evil world,

was broken at the Savior’s cross

and will soon forever be

eternally cast down.


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