Sobriety in Judgment – By William Perkins

Sobriety in judgment, is, when a man either suspendeth his opinion of his neighbors sayings or doings, or else speaketh as charitably as he can, by saying as little as may be, if the things be evil: or by interpreting all in better part, if the speech or action be doubtful. Therefore do thus: despise not thy neighbor, but think thy self as bad a sinner, and that the like defects may befall thee. If thou canst not excuse his doing, excuse his intent, which may be good: or if the deed be evil, think it was done of ignorance: if thou canst no way excuse him, think some great temptation befell him, and that thou shouldest be worse, if the like temptation befell thee: and give God thanks, that the like as yet hath not befallen thee. Despise not a man being a sinner, for though he be evil today, he may turn tomorrow


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