Reflections on “Planet Earth” and Other Unpleasant Things

So I was laying in my bed trying to go to sleep but was rather unsuccessful in my attempt. I was laying there and felt something crawling on my body underneath the covers. Usually I’m not too wierded out by these sorts of things. This was an exception. I reached across my body and swiped my hand briskly across my arm, where i felt something was rummaging about. As I ran my hand across my arm I felt my hand collect a rather large ball that suddenly felt slightly damp. God only knows what was crawling on my arm. I didn’t consider this too much and tried to go back to sleep, but the wetness of my index finger and thumb was enough to keep me awake.

So there I laid, and in a matter of moments, I felt as if all the hairs on my body began to twitch. I tried to ignore this thought but it became more and more pronounced. I ran my hand quickly across my back and chest hoping that there was nothing there. Fortunately, nothing was found. All this to say that the imagination sucks when your trying to sleep.

Then couple this with the fact that I just finished watching the PBS miniseries “Planet Earth”. This is actually a rather disturbing show to watch right before you try to sleep. I laid in bed imagining myself being chased by all sorts of predators. A mountain lion came and tried to attack me, and I imagined what would be the most effective way to take down a mountain lion. I lept onto the lion’s back and put it in a sleeper-hold and caused it to pass out.

Then I was taken off into antarctica, where there is nothing but rock and ice for thousands of miles. This is not the most pleasant of thoughts.

Anyway, a large bug that I slaughtered in my bed coupled with watching nature’s most extreme animals is not usually the best subject matter to have your head filled with when you’re trying to sleep.

Sweet dreams


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