Newsweek Threw Out the Bait and Christians Bit It

Does it strike anyone as odd that Newsweek of all places would publish an article biblically supporting Homosexuality? I mean why Newsweek of all sources? I don’t think it was ever a question if Newsweek ever supported homosexuality. I mean, they are one of the most liberal magazines out there. Christians have hopped on this article like college students on the Miller bus going through Santa Barbara. Seriously. Mention the word homosexual and Christianity in the same sentence and its like dragging a dead gazelle through the Lion exhibit at the Wild Animal Park.

Now, just a quick disclaimer: Christians need to defend the biblical evidence against homosexual unions. But swear I’ve seen like 3 articles per day, per blog on the blogs I regularly visit about this article in Newsweek. Some guy actually wrote a 22 page polemic against the Newsweek article. I’m not saying this a waste, but it’s not like there isn’t already a wealth of information out there on this subject by conservatives. But this isn’t my focus anyway, just a side note.

The thing that is quite absurd to me is that Christians totally bit the bait on this one, hook, line and sinker. Let’s take a step back for a second and look at the current situation. 1) We’re headed into the biggest recession we’ve seen in at least 20 years. 2) Newsweek is struggling financially. 3) Homosexuality is the hottest controversial topic right now. So if a News journal is in need of money, how are they going to get it? They are going to write articles that they know people are going to read. I’m no journalist, but it doesn’t take a PhD to figure out that the best way to get a bunch of people to read your article is to pick the most controversial topic and write something that will guarantee a response.

This was a total ploy on Newsweek’s part to get readers. They totally sold themselves out journalistically to get you to read their artice. They knew exactly what would happen if they published this article – Christians would crap their pants and call for the dismantling of Newsweek. Which is exactly the response they wanted. The best way to piss off the silent majority and get them talking is take a punch right at the center of their thinking. Result: guaranteed magazine sales.

So, Christians were totally duped by Newsweek on this one. Not that this article shouldn’t be defended against, but the first place Christians should spend their effort is exposing Newsweek for the sham of a magazine that it is. If you undermine their credibility, nobody will care about their arguments presented in the magazine – they’ll read the Newsweek headline, “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage” and think, “Who cares what Newsweek thinks anyway, they’re totally biased and terrible journalists at that!” and walk over and buy their Cosmopolitan magazine.

So, I at least commend Newsweek for being shrewd businessmen. Christians on the other hand need a swift kick in the pants for being suckered by a rather paltry news magazine. Nonetheless, Newsweek deserves a beating for being so overtly biased in their reporting. They should change their name to “Newsweak“.


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