Stupid Scientists, Don’t They Know Animals Evolve???

Visiting today, I read an article about how scientists “have uncovered a previously unknown species that disappeared about 500 years ago“. This is pretty sweet news, that there is actually a species of animal that God created still living that we thought humans had wiped off the face of the earth. Turns out, God’s intelligent creatures are a little more hardy than we give them credit for. Apparently they have some pretty evasive maneuvers (like cold chilling on ice-shelves) to remain obscure to our technology.

Aside from this discovery, there was a line in the article that I laughed when I read, and subsequently inspired this post. Here it is, in all its glory:

It is becoming apparent that some species can respond to things like climate change, and others cannot. The more we know, the more we can help.

Now, I’m no scientist, but what’s the big stinking deal about preserving these creatures for scientists (and preservationists) who believe in Evolution? Sounds like to me that survival of the fittest got the best of these little creatures –

“… the Waitaha was an example of another native species that was unable to adapt to a human presence.”

Shouldn’t scientist be parading this around as clear-cut evidence of Evolution? Apparently not… Something in humanity still wants to preserve its creatures. Which, by the way, is a very odd concept indeed for Evolution.

Don’t these scientists know that animals evolve??? Why are they complaining? Shouldn’t they be excited about the ‘adaptive skills’ of these animals and how it means they are ‘evolving brilliant evasive maneuvers’?

That’s what gets me about Evolutionary science. They say Evolution is true, but pragmatically act like Creationism is true. If animals evolve, they should be celebrating the new creatures that are coming about (which I have yet to hear about), not bemoaning the ones we’ve lost. According to them, animals that can’t cut it in the cut-throat world of survival-of-the-fittest, go extinct, apparently like the Neanderthals, and Australiopiticus and other “previous creatures in the evolutionary cycle”. I’ve never read in a text book about how sad of a situation this is. I can just imagine this though given our overly-sensitized culture towards animals:

“The Brodoacious Dudalicious Awesomicus was a relaxed creature, but sadly the poor little guy got eaten up by all the mean and cruel Tyranosaurus Rex’s. We are worse off today because we don’t have this curious creature roming our earth…”


The fact that humans still want to preserve the creatures (and environment) is a great testament to the fact that we were actually created. Why? If God created everything, then that means all these little creatures aren’t evolving but are entirely unique and cannot be reduplicated nor can they grow into new species. The whole thing to me is a load of balderdash. Phooey, I say. The only reason you’d want to preserve a species is because you think that there is some value to its uniqueness. But who really cares about uniqueness if the next thing that comes along is even better than what we’ve got right now? I mean, hand-grating cheese is cool and all, but my food-processor is way sweeter and does a far better job (and quicker) at grating cheese.

The reason we should preserve these creatures has to do with the fact that they are the only one of their kind because God created them at one point in the past, never to recreate them. The reason we should preserve cute little penguins in New Zealand is because God took the effort to form them and so clearly they are important to him.

Scientists… how silly…


One thought on “Stupid Scientists, Don’t They Know Animals Evolve???

  1. What’s even more ironic is that all of these, though highly evolved and adaptive creatures, who survive the economic meltdown in addition to that of the ice caps, will tragically perish in the coming cosmic death when entropy runs out and all particles are frozen stiff in a cold and lifeless universe… i guess there are some things that evoloution is good for and other things that it isn’t good for (if only there were a way to find life whose roots weren’t in the cosmos but beyond it). It’s like Sartre once said, “we are rejected, abandoned by our very nature in an indifferent, hostile, and stubborn world.” Why can’t more evolutionists be honest like Sarte. Evolution is a bitch, then you die. Geez, dont’ get all sentimental on us about the poor little penguins, much less the starving Somalians. Unless there is inherent dignity that is bestowed upon the cosmos by Someone outside of it… Good post Nate, keep them coming.

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