Jesus is a Real Man

Christ and Manhood

I am beginning to find the preoccupation that I am finding on this Christian college campus with “Manhood” to be somewhat, well, lame. Somehow Christians think real manhood is directly tied to their ability to approach women, be burly and punch things. So often they approach this topic thinking that we need to do things like this. Sure, punching things and having large muscles is manly, (it sure isn’t feminine) but that’s where too many “Manhood” programs start, and speed off in the wrong direction.

The other side is that men should connect with their “inner-self”, which just about makes me vomit when i hear this. Last time I checked, my inner-self was sold into bondage to sin and God’s Son had to die in order to fix it because it was so screwed up. They may say we need to be more expressive of our emotions and feelings. But what they really mean is, “you need to start acting like a chick.”

Neither of these will ever produce a “real-man”. they’ll either produce an overgrown, hormone-infested, juggernaut who has sex with too many women and spends money he doesn’t have; or it will produce a cowardly, inward-focused pansy who won’t ever affect anything significant and who will spend more time drawing pictures of his former girlfriend than spending time working hard to get a job to support himself.

I have yet to see a book saying that a “real man” is someone who looks and acts like Jesus. Jesus was a real man. He got in fights, he said things that would make your mother cringe, he called people names, he got mad and angry. He also was sensitive and humble, he held the hands of the dirtiest people, he got up early and went to bed late to pray, he never quit, when he had fears he said them, he didn’t care what people thought of him (so long as they didn’t screw up his true identity), he didn’t care about appearance, he didn’t feel awkward around awkward people. Most of all, Jesus knew who he was and he knew who was in control of his life.

Too often we start in the wrong spot when we look at manhood. We want to watch a war-movie to look at manly characteristics (which is not a bad place to start, surely its better than looking at Paul Walker in The Fast & The Furious to see good traits of a man), but these are often deficient. Jesus fought a war way bloodier than any soldier on this planet will ever fight for, and for a way bigger cause and with way more vigor and honor and way more strength and way more purpose. There is absolutely nothing that comes close to a true display of manhood than what was shown in Jesus.

Just read your bibles: when Paul wants to draw analogies of who were supposed to be like, who does he always refer to? Jesus. And if he refers to someone else, its because they act like Jesus.

So if your wondering why your not as manly as you should be, its probably cause you’re not looking at Jesus enough. If you’re wondering why you’re such a coward, then take a long look at Jesus and he’ll give you a good punch in the guts. If you’re wondering why you’re such an egocentric jerk, then spend some time actually reading your bible and see how Jesus didn’t give a rip about his reputation and served everyone, even egocentric jerks like yourself.

Jesus is a real man


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