There is a light that brings to light the beauty of all things
But without this light all things become darkness to my eyes
I see the trees and mountains; the rivers, lakes and streams
But all seem dark and shapeless now with out the radiant beam
What are my eyes created for if all they see is dull
What use are my ears to me if every sound is mute
The light that makes the beauty shine is hidden now from sight
I know not why nor know not how, but all is eclipsed from my eyes

Alone I sit and ponder and my thoughts they lead me down
Traversing further to the depths my heart begins to drown
How quickly now without the light do I begin to doubt
And shake in fear of all around that has been robbed of light
So I return and set my mind to think of greater things
But darkness veils each thought that comes and downward I return

My Soul, my friend, the one down on the dust and dirt and rocks
Who feeds upon the locusts and who’s tongue’s severely parched
My mind is no guide to me; just as wounded as my soul
My heart betrays each thought that comes, no guide to lead out
So here remain in this dark estate abandoned to the heat
Surrounded by the nameless fears that this desert offers me


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