The War

I worked so hard
and labored the best
to finally put
my sin to its rest

I threw in my hands
my feet and my head
and fought with all
the might that I had

Until one day
the Lord came near
and touched my hip
and gave me fear

In just a moment
Merely a flash
I came to believe
My striving can’t last

This Sin I am fighting
is greater than I
If i keep on fighting
How quickly i’ll die

This man he spoke
grace to my ear
But hardly could I
Believe, even hear

He said “My son,
put down your bow
and turn from battling
all on your own.

“Indeed my son,
even in this
your hands i don’t need
they’re utterly useless

“Do you see
the war that is wrought
against such vile sins
has already been fought

“Your sins you so dearly
are striving against
have been slaughtered already,
in blood, have been drenched

“What folly to think
what madness to believe
that you could become
who I’ve made you to be

“It’s up on that cross
where God has decided
that man’s labors end
and His righteousness provided

“And all of that sin
you vehemently abhor
Has been greatly forgiven
Yes, even ones still in store

And then he approached me
My eyes in his gaze
His hands on my shoulders
My soul set ablaze

He uttered these words
I could barely believe
“Freely I’ve given
freely receive”

What news, what joy
What rejoicings of heart
To know vict’ry is mine
As soon as I start

There’s nothing
no nothing
better to hear
Than my Savior to say
“It’s finished,
the battle ended there.”


3 thoughts on “The War

  1. What a great description of the struggle we face and the wonderful grace of God. You described my past weekend, as I’ve gone through depression and came out with an overwhelming sense of joy in the truth that God has provided for me the righteousness he demands from me. I need not burden myself anymore. Thanks Nate.

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