A Response to Suffering

The miseries and sufferings are not to be held in comparison to the sufferings of our savior, especially as he was led to the cross, and hung there upon it. The world rejects God because they cannot deal with a God who allows such a magnitude of suffering to be poured out on this wicked world. Little do they know the great condescension and love of God in the unfathomable greatness of the magnitude of wrath and suffering that He poured out on his Son on the cross. The sufferings that men endure in this world, however great they are, still mere men yet endure them. Though they bring them near to death, as David and Job so clearly demonstrate, they cannot be compared to the degrees and multiplication of the kinds of sufferings that our savior endured which no mere human could endure the magnitude of their weight.

Men curse God for the death and sicknesses unleashed on the world, yet they reject the complete outpouring of his wrath on his Son, which none of them could endure. We receive in limited measure the mighty wrath of God, Jesus received the mighty wrath of God in measure without limit. We cannot complain, nor can we lift any accusation against God on account of suffering and evil, since He himself is the recipient of evil and wrath, and that to its fullest extent. And because of this we cannot say to God that he is unjust or not understanding, but instead, he completely and wholly identifies and sympathizes with every kind of suffering we may ever encounter or currently endure. He is not a God who stands in heaven and mocks us because of our poor, dilapidated estate, but He is one who came down, became weak and small like we are, and marched himself willingly to the greatest demonstration of the outpouring of God’s wrath that all creation has ever seen. He is a God who calls out to us to lay aside our prideful prejudices against him, to repent and find shelter underneath the cross of Jesus – underneath Him who absorbs the whole wrath of God on our behalf – who suffered incomparably beyond what our natures could even begin to comprehend.

For anyone who angrily raises their doubts against God on account of evil and suffering in the world, let them raise their doubts against this: that the Son of God – Jesus Christ – has come into the world and born the sufferings and wrath we see poured out daily, and calls all people everywhere to repent and come to him and to have the mighty Niagras of wrath turned into the great shining rays of the sunlight of grace to be poured out on them. When one truly understands this, they will never again complain about the wrath that God justly pours out on the wicked world. Their lips will speak simply of the wonderful graces of God poured out on those who love him.


One thought on “A Response to Suffering

  1. Interesting… Here’s a thought that struck me. The wrath of God, as it is revealed spatially and temporally in our cosmos is tasted by humans in mediated and limited degrees (some more than others, some less). Thus the consequence of this is that our bodies bear in them the marks of this wrath (to varying degrees) but ultimately in death. For the saint, when he recieves his or her resurrection body, “when what is mortal is swallowed up by what is immortal,” those marks of the wrath of God will be forever done away with and we will worship God in unblemished bodies. Yet, the Son of God, when he suffered under the wrath of God, suffered eternally and infinitely, therefore bearing even in His resurrection body the marks of His dying love. So when we are in Heaven we will worship the only one whose body does have blemishes, because those marks are witness to the unceasing unlimited mercy of God. Thus fulfilling “the least in the kingdom shall be the greatest.”

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