Our Reaction to Who Gets Saved and What It Takes to Save Men

We are oftentimes praise when some movie-star or some person who is very popular or famous in our culture becomes a Christian. The news circulates around the Christian world in such a great speed that to tell someone the day after is needless for they have surely heard about it. But we are often scarce in our praise of when one simple person, a lowly boy or girl, comes to believe on Jesus. Our eyes are flinted and we walk a bit taller when the popular people are converted, but we are awkward and shy when we hear of some person who has no popularity being converted. To me, this swelling is not from a simple joy at the rescue of that popular person’s soul from hell, but instead that they have been won over to ‘our side’, and will be against the whole of the popular culture. We are still captivated with our desire to meet these people, the same before they were converted. And all the while, we are negligent of those that are brought to Jesus all the time, and think for but a moment about their salvation. This should not be this way.

There is another thing that is troublesome. We think it is such a great work of God that he would work in the heart someone who is in open opposition to him, yet think it rather normal to someone who is quite indifferent to religion and then is brought to Christ. But this person does not understand the wickedness of the human heart. Sure it is a great thing when God brings down those who exalt themselves, especially against God himself, because they are not able to spread their lies any longer. But it takes no more exertion of God’s grace to save that openly obstinate person than to save the quiet, indifferent person. We see constantly that there are numerous people who are witnessed to so frequently, yet reject that invitation to come to Jesus, oftentimes for quite unreasonable excuses. Yet we see at times that it wasn’t any great, drawn out argument that brought those greatly obstinate people to him, sometimes it was just a simply action of love that bore witness to the power of the gospel. And so we see that one who is openly against Christianity, as Paul the apostle was, is, in relation to God no more out of the power of God for salvation than an every-day person. We are told that without Christ we are dead in our trespasses and sins, and it is not as though those obstinate people are deader and the indifferent people are less dead. Both are equally dead and both are in need of the resurrecting power and grace of God to bring them to life. Chapter 3 of the book of John so clearly demonstrates this truth, that it is the Spirit who brings renewing life, and we do not discern his ways, but see their effects, and we see that there is none out of the saving power of God. We also see that everyone, without distinction, who does wickedness, hates the light. The one who is overtly obstinate to God is as hateful of the light as one who is rather indifferent to the light.

This should have a sobering effect on our minds to show us how diligent we should be against allowing our minds to be darkened. If you are just as far from Christ when you are simply indifferent as when you are in open, blatant obstinacy to Christ, then we must be watchful against any part in our heart that becomes indifferent to Christ or raises up an opposition against any part of his commandments. The root of the indifference and opposition is sin and death, and it would as soon destroy you and prove your faith to be in vain, as it would keep the whole world in its stupor of darkness. So do not reckon that you are nearer to Christ if you are not in open opposition to him, as though you are closer than if you are simply indifferent. Satan has keeps much of the world in darkness by keeping them simply indifferent to the gospel, and they work their way to hell as fast as the one who is in open opposition.


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