Hymn: Winds of Joy and Peace

Here is words to a song I have written. It’s in similar fashion to a hymn.

What room is there for a sinner as I
Where winds of joy and grace will blow
And sense within the quiet peace
That tempests of this world can’t know

As I gaze upon my failing heart
And look into my disdaining soul
I find no place for peace in here
Where winds of joy and grace will blow

To calvary I must steer my eyes
Where my savior bought this soul
And sent his breath of joy and grace
To stir within my soul

And though the sin that keeps despair
And dark powers weigh upon my heart
I will ever fight to see
My savior Jesus Christ


One thought on “Hymn: Winds of Joy and Peace

  1. I feel like I am constantly fighting to see Christ. Not because He hides Himself but more so because of my sin.

    Yet, these moments push us to resepecting the Word and taking into great account His perfect promises. As stated in Psalm 16: 10-11, “For you will not leave my soul…You will show me the path of life.”

    If I didn’t have such promises to rely on than I would constantly be wallowing in my own despair. Thank God with everything we have that He paid that final price once and for all…for those that have a conscience towards God.

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