God’s Predestining Purpose of Election: What is intended by Election

It is necessary for me, at the outset, to establish the nature of the Election which I will be speaking about. This is necessary because it will determine, in large part, the application to the desired points in the introduction (see 1-3). What I mean by election is the Calvinist understanding of Unconditional Election. Simply, our election is not predicated on any condition we must meet for God’s selection of those unto salvation. I intend that there are those whom God has specifically and specially created for (Romans 9) and chosen (Romans 8) for His redemptive purposes. It is in this sense I understand “The Elect” whom are spoken of by Jesus (Matthew 24:22, Luke 18:7), Paul (on numerous occasions) and Peter in his epistle. This is necessary to establish because our culture is one of democracy where election is based upon prior conditions (party lines, ideologies, virtues etc.). This distinction must be drawn for the sake of the one who believes that what he does will stand before God as grounds for righteousness (i.e., the legalist). It will be shown to play into the licenteous person as well. It is not the intention of this article to debate the Unconditionality of Election (which is rejected by Arminian theology) nor whether God predestines some to Heaven and others to Hell. There is plenty of literature on these to read if you want to know more. From this point forward, the Calvinist (which I believe is the Scriptural, so I shall say, the scriptural) interpretation is what I have in view.


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